Upcoming performances 2019



March 18

Electric Primitivo Duo
Festival: The Gallery of Actual Music
Moscow, Russia

March 19

Blackout concert
Ensemble of Nomads
Festival: The Gallery of Actual Music
Moscow, Russia


Einheit/Unite - Tour
Ensemble of Nomads + Sargo Ensemble
Music of Dieter Ammann, Gary Berger, Daniel Zea, Blaise Ubaldini, Victor Coltea and Emilio Guim
May 6 - SMC. Lausanne, Switzerland
May 8 - Neubad. Luzern, Switzerland
May 16 - Radio Studio. Geneva, Switzerland
May 20 - Rennweg26. Biel, Switzerland
Details TBA.

August 23, 24

The music of Thomas Kessler
Lucerne Festival
Details TBA. Lucerne, Switzerland

September 20-22

The Motor is the Master is the Slave
Premiere at Zietraume Basel.
Swiss tour dates TBA.

September 25

Ensemble of Nomads + Vortex Ensemble
Details TBA. Warsaw, Poland

September 27

Electric Primitivo Duo
Details TBA. Warsaw, Poland

Autumn 2019

Transduction - Swiss Tour
Ensemble of Nomads + Ensemble Vortex(Geneve)
Music of Daniel Zea, Fernando Garnero, Arturo Corrales and Emilio Guim
November 9, Fonderie Kugler. Geneve
November 10, Flatterschaft. Basel
November 12, Neubad. Luzern

Autumn 2019

5-Eyes Trio - Swiss Tour
Harald Kimmig (violin), Lucas Niggli (drums), Emilio Guim (e-guitar)
Details TBA

November 25-30

Vortex Ensemble
Next Generation
Detals TBA. Geneve, Switzerland.